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February 5, 2008
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Step- OP request by olafpriol Step- OP request by olafpriol
Request for a friend as an illustration for a fanfiction she might write.

Huzzah for gruesome scratchy comic-book style ^^
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Abby-Boo-Chan Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love *_* !! Beautiful !
So did your friend ever actually write the story yet because I'd be interested in that. this was submitted some time ago right? well at any rate, it's a wonderful piece of work. it's the kind of bloody, bone-chilling stuff we don't really see from Sanji. that's Zoro's field of expertise. :D

so amazing! <3 at least tell me what the fic's about!
Wow... this picture is amazing, even if it is just drawn on notebook paper. I love it. It's soo. . . . soo... raw. And it really makes you think too. The fact that it's Sanji is also a plus~
mferchu3 May 15, 2009  Student General Artist
just great! :hug:
ElFenrir13 Mar 25, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Im a newb around these parts, and decided to look at One Piece stuff...i dont do much art myself, i more or less do a tabletop writing style, but i had to comment on this one. OP is one of the few animes i really get into and this I mean, Sanji was my insta-fav from the thing, and this picture is so brutal...its sort of ''not what you see, but what you don't see''. Which is probably what's left of whatever poor slob is in the back...yeesh!

Again, fantastic.
Thank you! I'm really gald you appreciate that aspect, which is more or less exactly what I was trying to get across! Welcome to DA by the way! I hope you enjoy what you find, and maybe contribute someday! :hug:
Oh wow. You have no idea how great your advertising is for this fanfiction. I want to read this unwritten fic SO bad now.
Question, what do the symbols on the side mean? It's Japanese right?
I love how you did the legs in the lighter style. It looks great like that and makes it contrast better with the background and blood.
The blood looks great trailing down his leg and splattered on the ground. I REALLY wanna know how this happened...
The miz of black with the blood really brings out the bloodness, great job. ^^
The wordy makes it so eriey, I love it! I don't just mean what it says either, the way you wrote it adds so much emotion to the picture.
You're always to good at that. ^^
Hehe, glad you like it! 'Twas quite fun to do I have to admit (man I'm morbid sometimes XD ), the symbols on the side are Japanese, it says 'Step', hence the title, and that's probably going to be the title of the fan-fic. I keep bugging her to get on and write it! >.<
You're always great at making comments! Thanks! It's a real boost ^_^
Two words: Must fav.

What else can I say? The message is awesome, and I love the colors that you used. I'll definitely have to check out this fanfiction...
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